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Title: Synergy
Author: Tas (tasyfa)
Fandom: Foxboro Hot Tubs
Characters: Billie Joe/Adrienne
Word Count: 100
Rating: Soft R
Disclaimer: I own only the words; the people own themselves and the events are fictitious.
Summary: Adie's reaction to the Reverend is not quite what she'd expected.
Author's Notes: Written for thirdbeatred.


He glittered, she thought. Even now, afterwards: hotel towel rubbing over sweat-drenched hair, thrift store shirts and signature tight jeans discarded, necklaces still adding their own shine to sticky skin.

"Wait," she told him, and he paused.

The fingerprints on him remained invisible but she had seen the touches, reverent and greedy; the outright gropes; the way the crowd had carried and cradled him, a longtime ritual made explicit. How they'd fed off his blazing sexuality and he off their energy in turn. Synergy.

She trembled slightly as she guided his eager hands onto her body. "I want you dirty."

Very nice, loved the last line!
Very much enjoyed. Understated, but describing and implying much.
Yeah, there are entire worlds of in-depth explanations behind this, which I think makes it interesting. Thank you.

Mmmmm....you know I'm a sucker for Billie/Adie, so this was wonderful. It always amazes me how you can convey so much in 100 simple words.

I love the idea - I couldn't help but wonder what Adie might have thought of all the FHT craziness (a few shows in particular!) and what goes through her mind when she watches. Does she watch her husband? Or does she too see a character up there on stage, someone different? I love that she wants to stake her claim after all the others have had a chance and failed ;)

I think she'd see both, honestly, but the character would be more prevalent, maybe deliberately so because I also think that she has an innate understanding of what happens to him when he goes onstage, and that it's part of what has always drawn her to him. It's difficult for me to explain properly in plain words; comes out better in stories, for whatever reason. And, thanks.
(Deleted comment)
I am glad you liked. :D As for the twist, I think she'd have to - actually, I think in some respects, her ability to do that without complicating things unnecessarily is what sets her apart from a lot of rockstar's wives and has played a part in the longevity of their marriage. Really, in that position, you're faced with a choice: you can make yourself into the be-all, end-all and demand that your spouse buy into that; you can do the ostrich act and pretend that you're his everything while turning a blind eye to what else might be going on; or you can go with the flow and find some way of relating to it and incorporating it into your relationship. Choice 1 would be the Claudias of the world, and note that hey, no longer married. :P Choice 2 is where the majority lie, I think, with wilful blindness and/or resignation. Choice 3 is, imo, the best, but it's got to also be really fucking hard to maintain. But the thing is, the Reverend is as genuine an expression of Billie Joe as is the shy fumbling with notes when he has to make a speech, and you might not find it as adorable but if you love him, then you love him, and you don't get to pick which parts. I've just always had the impression that she understands that, probably more than he does even, and she's strong enough in herself to deal with it.

And wow, that turned into an essay longer than the damn drabble is. LOL. Sorry!
And boy, was he dirty at the LA shows ......
Indeed! Thanks.

Seriously amazing.
The Rev was a whore at the shows.
So I have heard. *g* Thanks.